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Adult Mana Wyrm


An Adult Mana Wyrm is a spellbinding and formidable creature, representing the culmination of arcane power and the embodiment of magical mastery.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? Adult Mana Wyrms are believed to have the ability to manipulate the weave of magic itself, altering the fundamental laws of reality within their domains.


  1. Arcane Anomaly Unleashed:
    • Characters discover that an adult mana wyrm has awakened in a remote region, causing magical disturbances and drawing the attention of arcane scholars, treasure hunters, and power-hungry factions. As they investigate the wyrm’s emergence, they must decide to harness its power, prevent chaos, or seek its arcane knowledge.
  2. Eldritch Riddle of the Mana Wyrm:
    • The party encounters a cryptic riddle associated with the adult mana wyrm, hinting at a hidden repository of arcane secrets. They embark on a quest to decipher the riddle, locate the wyrm’s lair, and unlock the ancient knowledge it guards. Players must choose to gain the arcane insights, protect them, or manipulate their use.
  3. The Mage’s Contract:
    • A renowned mage seeks the party’s aid in forming a magical contract with the adult mana wyrm, hoping to harness its formidable arcane abilities. Characters delve into a complex negotiation with the wyrm, navigate its intricate demands, and face consequences for meddling with potent magic. Players must decide to assist the mage, oppose the contract, or find alternative solutions.
  4. Mana Wyrm’s Prophecy:
    • The adult mana wyrm foretells a looming magical catastrophe that could engulf the realm. Characters are tasked with preventing this disaster, gathering allies, and unraveling the secrets of ancient spells. As they delve deeper into the arcane, they uncover clues left by the wyrm and must decide to avert the catastrophe, exploit its potential, or alter the prophecy’s outcome

Adult Mana Wyrms are beings of profound understanding, having delved into the deepest secrets of the multiverse. They are often found in places where the arcane is most concentrated, such as hidden arcane sanctuaries, ancient mystical libraries, or the heart of mana-rich nexuses.

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