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Arch Devil


This malevolent entity stands as the embodiment of fiendish authority, adorned in regal attire that echoes the hierarchy of the Nine Hells and wielding a scepter that exudes the power to command legions.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm Base]

Did You Know? Arch Devils are known for making devilish pacts with mortals, offering power, wealth, and forbidden knowledge in exchange for their souls. These sinister contracts often bind individuals to eternal servitude in the Nine Hells.


1. The Devil’s Bargain:

  • A desperate town makes a pact with the Arch Devil to save their settlement from ruin. Characters arrive in the midst of the infernal contract signing, and they must decide whether to interfere, negotiate a new deal, or confront the consequences of a diabolical alliance that could doom the town.

2. The Infernal Masquerade:

  • The Arch Devil hosts a grand masquerade, where influential guests include nobles, politicians, and even some of the party’s allies. Characters must navigate the intrigue of the event, uncover hidden agendas, and expose the devil’s manipulation within high society while avoiding the devil’s watchful eye.

3. Inferno’s Key:

  • The Arch Devil seeks to obtain a powerful artifact, known as the “Inferno’s Key,” which can unlock forbidden realms of infernal power. Characters must race against the devil’s agents to find the key first, engaging in intense battles, solving arcane puzzles, and preventing the artifact’s misuse.

4. The Abyssal Asylum:

  • The Arch Devil constructs an otherworldly asylum to imprison those who defy its will. Characters find themselves incarcerated within this nightmarish realm, facing off against twisted denizens and plotting their escape while the devil’s influence corrupts their very souls.

Each Arch Devil possesses a unique sphere of influence and a portfolio of corrupt desires. Some revel in the art of deception and manipulation, while others are masters of torment and suffering. Their domains are nightmarish realms of desolation, where souls are subjected to eternal punishment and agony.


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