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Deep Sea Sirens (2)


Deep Sea Sirens are alluring and dangerous aquatic beings, embodying the seductive and perilous nature of the ocean’s depths.

Did You Know? These aquatic seductresses are known for their hypnotic melodies their enchanting beauty, and their ability to lure sailors and adventurers into the depths with promises of forbidden knowledge and unearthly pleasures.

[Two Variants – Medium sized models: 25mm bases]


  1. The Haunting Hymn:
    • Mysterious and enchanting songs drift from the depths of the ocean, drawing sailors to their doom. The party is called upon to investigate these haunting melodies and the deep sea sirens who sing them. They must navigate treacherous waters, resist the allure of the sirens, and uncover the sirens’ hidden lair to put an end to their deadly song.
  2. The Lost Expedition:
    • An expedition to the uncharted depths of the ocean goes silent, and a distress signal is received. The party is tasked with rescuing the explorers and uncovering the truth behind their disappearance. As they descend into the abyss, they encounter eerie bioluminescent creatures, decipher cryptic underwater ruins, and face the hypnotic allure of the deep sea sirens.
  3. The Cursed Shipwreck:
    • A sunken ship is discovered, its crew transformed into mindless thralls serving the deep sea sirens. The party must salvage the ship’s cargo and break the sirens’ curse. As they explore the eerie underwater wreck, they uncover clues about the sirens’ origins and their sinister plans to expand their influence over the seas.
  4. Rival Enchantresses:
    • A powerful enchantress seeks the aid of the party to confront a deep sea siren who has stolen her ancient spellbook. The enchantress fears that the siren will use the spells within to unleash chaos upon the world. The party must track down the siren’s lair, navigate treacherous underwater currents, and confront the siren to recover the stolen spellbook and prevent disaster.

They serve as keepers of aquatic secrets and guardians of the enigmatic realms beneath the waves, reminding all who encounter them that the depths of the sea hold both beauty and danger.

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