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Clam Mimic (2)


The Clam Mimic, also known as the “Bivalve Deceiver,” is an extraordinary and deceptive creature that defies the conventional notion of mimics. In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, where mimics are often associated with chests, doors, and other inanimate objects, the Clam Mimic represents a peculiar twist on this concept.

Did You Know? Clam Mimics are renowned for their ability to mimic not just the appearance of clam shells, but also the sounds and smells associated with them, making them exceptionally adept at luring unsuspecting prey.

[Medium Sized Model – 25mm base]


  1. The Enigmatic Artifact:
    • An unusual artifact resembling a clamshell is discovered, believed to hold great power. When opened, it releases a malevolent Clam Mimic that can mimic any object or creature it encounters. The party is tasked with recovering the artifact and subduing the mimic. They must decipher cryptic inscriptions on the artifact to understand its nature and confront the shapeshifting menace in a battle of wits and deception.
  2. The Mysterious Theft Spree:
    • A series of thefts plague a coastal town, with valuables disappearing without a trace. Witnesses report seeing various objects acting strangely, suggesting the presence of a Clam Mimic. The party is hired to investigate, decipher cryptic clues left behind by the mimic, and track it to its lair. They must confront the shapeshifter and recover the stolen items before it causes further chaos.
  3. The Lost Explorer’s Journal:
    • An explorer’s journal is found, detailing their expedition to a remote island where they encountered a Clam Mimic that mimicked the island’s flora and fauna. The party embarks on a journey to this enigmatic island, deciphering cryptic notes in the journal to navigate its treacherous terrain. They must uncover the mimic’s lair and confront it in an exotic and dangerous setting.
  4. The Black Market Subterfuge:
    • A notorious black-market dealer is rumored to possess a Clam Mimic that he uses to counterfeit rare and valuable items. The party is hired to infiltrate the dealer’s underground operation, decipher cryptic codes used for authentication, and expose the mimic’s role in the counterfeiting ring. They must confront the shapeshifting creature in the midst of a high-stakes black-market showdown.

Adventurers may be drawn to a seemingly harmless clamshell, only to find themselves ensnared and struggling to escape. The intelligence and cunning displayed by Clam Mimics make them a formidable challenge for those who underestimate the deceptively ordinary-looking creatures.

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