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Angler Fish Abomination


The Angler Fish Abomination is a nightmarish and colossal aberration, a grotesque result of the fusion between the ominous anglerfish and the eldritch taint that lurks in the darkest depths of the abyss.

Did You Know? Their bioluminescent lures are eerily beautiful, attracting prey and adventurers alike to their doom.

[Small Sized Model – 25mm base]


  1. The Abyssal Menace:
    • Reports of ships mysteriously disappearing in a notorious stretch of ocean haunted by the Angler Fish Abomination reach coastal settlements. The party is tasked with uncovering the truth behind these vanishings. As they delve into the depths, deciphering cryptic messages from survivors and navigating treacherous underwater caves, they must confront the horrifying entity that lurks in the abyss.
  2. The Unholy Artifact:
    • A dark cult seeks to harness the Angler Fish Abomination’s power by using a forbidden relic that attracts the creature. The party is entrusted with stopping the cult’s sinister ritual and preventing the summoning. To do so, they must decipher cryptic incantations, trace the cult’s activities to its underwater lair, and engage in a desperate battle to thwart the abomination’s emergence.
  3. The Mysterious Bioluminescence:
    • A coastal town is plagued by eerie, unnatural bioluminescent phenomena, linked to the presence of the Angler Fish Abomination. The party is called upon to investigate the source of these disturbances, decipher cryptic messages encoded in the glowing patterns, and confront the abomination lurking in the depths. Their quest leads them on an otherworldly journey through a phosphorescent abyss.
  4. The Lost Submersible Expedition:
    • A team of underwater explorers has vanished while investigating a sunken temple rumored to be connected to the Angler Fish Abomination. The party is tasked with locating the missing expedition, deciphering cryptic journal entries left by the explorers, and unraveling the horrifying truth behind the temple’s ancient secrets. They must confront the abomination in its lair beneath the sea, where darkness reigns supreme.

They prowl the abyssal depths, their bioluminescent lures dancing hypnotically in the darkness to draw in unsuspecting victims.

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