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Ancient Gold Dragon


An Ancient Gold Dragon is a majestic and benevolent guardian, embodying the virtues of wisdom, compassion, and the radiant power of dragonkind.

[Gargantuan Sized Model – 100mm base]

Did You Know? Ancient Gold Dragons are often associated with celestial beings and divine entities, and their arrival in an area is sometimes interpreted as a sign of celestial intervention or a call to uphold righteous causes.


  1. The Celestial Prophecy:
    • Characters stumble upon an ancient prophecy that speaks of an impending celestial event tied to the arrival of an ancient gold dragon. As they decipher cryptic clues and gather allies, they must prepare for a celestial convergence that could reshape the world. Players must decide to embrace the prophecy, prevent its fulfillment, or exploit its power.
  2. Guardians of the Divine Relic:
    • An ancient gold dragon seeks the party’s aid in protecting a divine relic of great importance. They embark on a quest to secure the relic, navigate treacherous terrain, and defend it against malevolent forces seeking its power. Players must choose to safeguard the relic, negotiate its use, or pursue their own goals with its aid.
  3. The Lost Temple of Enlightenment:
    • Characters uncover a hidden temple said to house ancient knowledge guarded by an ancient gold dragon. They journey into the temple’s depths, solve riddles, and confront trials designed to test their wisdom and worthiness. Players must decide to gain the dragon’s knowledge, protect it from misuse, or seek alternative sources of wisdom.
  4. Divine Diplomacy:
    • The characters are summoned by a council of celestial beings who request their assistance in mediating a dispute between an ancient gold dragon and a celestial entity. To resolve the conflict, they navigate a realm of divine politics, uncover hidden agendas, and seek a peaceful resolution. Players must choose to negotiate a truce, exploit the celestial conflict, or pick a side in the celestial dispute.

Ancient Gold Dragons are not just wise but profoundly knowledgeable. They have spent centuries studying history, magic, and the ways of the world, often becoming scholars and keepers of ancient lore. Many choose to assume the guise of mortal beings, walking among humans, elves, and other races to offer guidance and wisdom in times of need.

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