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Ancient Bronze Dragon


In the expansive realms of Dungeons and Dragons, an Ancient Bronze Dragon is a majestic and benevolent guardian, embodying the wisdom, nobility, and elemental power of the dragonkin.

[Huge Sized Monster – 75mm Base]

Did You Know? Ancient Bronze Dragons are often associated with powerful storms and tempests. Their arrival in an area is sometimes preceded by turbulent weather patterns, as their presence can stir the elements.


  1. The Storm’s Serenade:
    • Characters encounter an ancient bronze dragon who, sensing an imbalance in the natural order, requests their aid. To restore harmony, they must navigate treacherous weather patterns, face elemental adversaries, and decipher ancient prophecies. Players must choose to assist the dragon, question its motives, or harness the elemental forces.
  2. Scales of Elemental Mastery:
    • Seeking the wisdom of an ancient bronze dragon, characters embark on a quest to unlock their latent elemental powers. Facing elemental trials, they harness the dragon’s guidance to command the forces of water and electricity. Players must decide to embrace their newfound abilities, question the dragon’s teachings, or confront rivals seeking similar power.
  3. Guardians of the Sacred Waters:
    • Characters stumble upon an ancient bronze dragon protecting a mystical spring that bestows potent arcane gifts. To access its power, they must safeguard the spring from avaricious treasure hunters and malevolent forces drawn to its magic. Players must choose to preserve the sacred waters, challenge those who covet it, or harness its arcane might.
  4. Elemental Disruption Unleashed:
    • An ancient bronze dragon warns characters of an elemental catastrophe brewing in a distant land. They journey to confront a powerful cult attempting to unshackle elemental forces. Players must thwart the cult’s plans, negotiate with elemental beings, or harness the unleashed elements.

These Dragons often make their homes in secluded lairs near bodies of water, where they can safeguard aquatic ecosystems and keep watch over the creatures that inhabit them. They have also been known to intervene in conflicts when the forces of chaos threaten to disrupt the balance of the world. They are capable of wielding formidable magical abilities and are known for their mastery over elemental forces, particularly water and electricity.


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