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Alpha Angler Abomination


The Alpha Angler Abomination is a grotesque and nightmarish creature, representing a horrific amalgamation of anglerfish and eldritch corruption.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? The Alpha Angler Abomination is often considered a blasphemous creation, a symbol of the eldritch horrors that lurk in the deepest and most forsaken corners of the world.


  1. Cursed Waters Beckon:
    • Reports of mysterious disappearances and shipwrecks near treacherous, uncharted waters lead the party to investigate. They discover that the Alpha Angler Fish Abomination lurks beneath the waves, its presence warping the very fabric of reality. Characters must confront this aquatic terror to restore safety to the seas and unearth the abomination’s origins.
  2. Siren’s Enchantment:
    • A cult of sea witches and sirens worships the Alpha Angler Fish Abomination as a divine entity, harnessing its dark powers for their own sinister purposes. The party is drawn into a web of intrigue and manipulation as they strive to break the cult’s hold on coastal communities and thwart their apocalyptic plans.
  3. The Abyssal Portal:
    • Legends speak of an ancient, submerged portal that connects the mortal realm to the abyssal depths where the Alpha Angler Fish Abomination dwells. Characters embark on a perilous expedition to locate and seal this portal, battling aquatic horrors and navigating treacherous underwater labyrinths. Their success or failure will determine whether the abomination’s influence spills into the mortal world.
  4. Fishing for Answers:
    • A reclusive alchemist seeks to capture the Alpha Angler Fish Abomination, believing its essence holds the key to unlocking lost alchemical secrets. The party is hired to aid in this pursuit, embarking on a quest filled with marine exploration, magical experimentation, and clashes with rival seekers. Players must decide whether to assist the alchemist, protect the abomination, or find a third way to deal with the looming threat.

The Alpha Angler Abomination is a creature of insatiable appetite and malevolence. It prowls the abyssal depths, using its bioluminescent lure to attract unsuspecting prey before striking with lightning speed.

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