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Eldritch Shapeshifter


In the eerie and enigmatic realms of Dungeons & Dragons, the Eldritch Shapeshifter is a sinister and elusive entity, embodying the unsettling nature of shape-shifting and eldritch magic.

Did You Know? Eldritch Shapeshifters are rumored to possess the ability to absorb the memories and identities of those they mimic, making them exceedingly dangerous infiltrators.

[Medium Sized Model – 25mm base]


  1. The Stolen Identities:
    • Reports emerge of people behaving erratically, seemingly possessed by malevolent entities. The party is hired to investigate and uncovers the presence of an Eldritch Shapeshifter who can assume the forms of its victims. To stop the shapeshifter’s reign of terror, they must uncover its lair, decipher cryptic clues left by its victims, and confront the entity in a high-stakes battle of wits and transformations.
  2. The Eldritch Cult:
    • A secretive cult is rumored to possess an Eldritch Shapeshifter as their leader, using its abilities to infiltrate positions of power and manipulate events from the shadows. The party is tasked with infiltrating the cult, uncovering its cryptic rituals, and exposing the shapeshifter’s true identity. As they delve deeper into the cult’s machinations, they must confront the eldritch entity’s eerie transformations and thwart its apocalyptic plans.
  3. The Haunted Masquerade:
    • A grand masquerade ball is held in a city, but attendees begin to vanish mysteriously. The party is invited to the event to investigate and discovers the presence of the Eldritch Shapeshifter, who masquerades among the guests. They must navigate a labyrinthine mansion, decipher cryptic clues hidden in portraits, and unmask the shapeshifter while preventing it from taking any more victims.
  4. The Curse of the Doppelgänger:
    • A village is plagued by a series of gruesome murders, with each victim found mysteriously duplicated. The party is called upon to solve the enigma and discovers that an Eldritch Shapeshifter is responsible for the killings. To put an end to the curse, they must uncover the shapeshifter’s cryptic origins, track its elusive trail through the wilderness, and confront the creature in a high-stakes showdown of identities.

These shapeshifters possess an innate connection to eldritch magic, allowing them to change their forms with a disturbing fluidity. Unlike traditional shape-shifters, they can assume not only the physical appearance but also the memories and knowledge of those they mimic, making them highly effective infiltrators and manipulators.

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