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Dark Depth Lord


Dark Depth Lord is an enigmatic and formidable figure, embodying the union of eldritch power and aquatic mastery.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? Dark Depth Lords are eldritch and inscrutable entities, often regarded as the envoys of the fathomless abyss and the arcane lords of the deep.


  1. Whispers from the Abyss:
    • Mysterious dark cults have arisen, spreading whispers of a Dark Depth Lord who has made a pact with primordial sea deities. The party’s investigation leads them to a coastal town plagued by unnatural storms and eerie occurrences. Characters must uncover the cult’s intentions and confront the Dark Depth Lord to prevent a catastrophic ritual.
  2. The Sunken Temple’s Curse:
    • A sunken temple dedicated to the Dark Depth Lord emerges from the ocean depths during a celestial alignment. Legends tell of a powerful artifact hidden within, coveted by various factions. The party is entangled in a race against time as they contend with rival adventurers, supernatural guardians, and the enigmatic Dark Depth Lord guarding the temple.
  3. Tales of Forgotten Magic:
    • Rumors circulate of an ancient grimoire said to contain forbidden magic tied to the Dark Depth Lord. Characters are hired to retrieve the tome from a remote underwater library guarded by aquatic guardians. As they delve into its dark secrets, players must decide whether to harness the forbidden magic, destroy the grimoire, or seek the Dark Depth Lord’s counsel.
  4. Invasion from the Abyssal Abyss:
    • The Dark Depth Lord seeks to summon a nightmarish abyssal army from the depths to conquer coastal realms. The party learns of this dire plan and must race against time to thwart the summoning ritual. They confront aquatic monstrosities, decipher cryptic clues, and ultimately face off against the Dark Depth Lord and his warlocks in an epic battle to prevent the abyssal invasion.

Dark Depth Lords are masters of eldritch magic and the arcane arts, with a particular affinity for spells and invocations that draw from the abyssal depths. They wield dark and mysterious powers that allow them to manipulate water, darkness, and even the minds of those who dare to oppose them.

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