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Ancient Corrupted Leviathan


Dark Depth Lord is an enigmatic and formidable figure, embodying the union of eldritch power and aquatic mastery.

[Gargantuan Model Size – 100mm base]

Did You Know? The Ancient Corrupted Leviathan is a nightmarish and colossal aberration, the abhorrent result of the fusion between a once-mighty leviathan and the abyssal taint that permeates the darkest ocean depths.


  1. Tidal Unrest:
    • Reports of catastrophic tidal waves and coastal devastation prompt the party to investigate. They soon discover that an Ancient Corrupted Leviathan, a colossal sea serpent tainted by dark forces, lies at the heart of the turmoil. Characters must embark on a perilous quest to uncover the source of corruption, cleanse the leviathan, and restore balance to the oceans.
  2. The Abyssal Conspiracy:
    • A secretive cabal of abyssal cultists seeks to harness the Ancient Corrupted Leviathan’s power for their nefarious rituals. The party becomes entangled in a web of intrigue as they race against time to thwart the cult’s plans. Along the way, they must navigate treacherous underwater realms, decipher ancient lore, and confront the corrupted leviathan’s monstrous guardians.
  3. Abyssal Armageddon:
    • Prophecies foretell the rise of an Ancient Corrupted Leviathan as a harbinger of cataclysmic doom. The party must rally kingdoms, forge alliances with underwater civilizations, and gather artifacts of elemental power to stand against the leviathan’s wrath. Their epic journey culminates in a titanic battle against the monstrous beast, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.
  4. Corrupted Aquatic Ecosystems:
    • The presence of the Ancient Corrupted Leviathan has disrupted entire aquatic ecosystems, causing aquatic creatures to mutate and attack coastal communities. The party is tasked with investigating these aberrations, uncovering the leviathan’s involvement, and devising a solution to restore harmony to the underwater realms. Their efforts may involve diplomatic negotiations, marine research, and confronting the leviathan’s corrupted offspring.

Its arrival heralds catastrophic events for coastal settlements and maritime civilizations. Entire fleets have been lost to its insatiable hunger, and entire ecosystems have been corrupted and twisted by its malevolence.

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