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The Devils You Know lvl 10-12

The Devils You Know campaign, sees the party caught within a conflict of good and evil, though suddenly the lines between those things have blurred.

Nosmeni are treated with suspicion and hate as Devil Fever sweeps across the land of Belfrie, turning any with Hellish ancestry into feral beasts. Rumours spread among the populace that their divine keepers, the Tharameni, are to blame.

Suddenly the kingdom finds itself embroiled in religious conflict, and only a party armed with sharp swords and sharp minds might be able to bring a halt to the madness, before it escalates.

World Lore: The Ten Reveries of the Nocturnal Abyss stir as the lines between worlds begin to fracture. Devil Fever takes hold of the Nosmeni who had escaped the hellscape and started lives anew on Tharador. As suspicion and distrust sweeps the land, Nosmeni are persecuted from society, and seeing the evil take hold, the Celestials must intervene and bring order to the land before it is consumed. But the wicked forked tongues of the Reverie of Deceit will do anything to sow dissent among the people of Tharador.

Included in this campaign bundle is everything you need to run this adventure for levels 10-12 over roughly 4-8+ sessions


  • Caedes – Zealous Paladin of Erdrydion
  • Cesedra – The Great Love
  • Elkava of the Sixth – Deception Huntress
  • Erathis – The Thousand Eyes
  • Harmara “Dances With Blood”
  • Skardi of the Third – Warlock of Decay
  • Syelros – The Ender
  • Tharavës – The Wise Warrior
  • Xarvir Barikdral – The Lucky Devil
  • The Converted – Dwellers of the Nocturnal Abyss (Three Variants)
  • Edramundis – The Great Deceiver [Gargantuan Model]
  • Kavaramon – Arch Devil of the Sixth Reverie [Huge Model}

Many of these npc’s can double as player characters in other campaigns



  • Choose up to 6 additional player character miniatures from our range at the discounted bundle rate
  • Add the scenic piece Three Gates of Hell for some extra flavour
  • Explore our player character collection here

We recommend 32mm scale characters to be in line with the rest of the miniatures in this bundle



1x Bust of Angel of Love [120mm Height]



  • 1x One Shot Campaign Module (4-8+ sessions)
  • 1x Fully fleshed out city interweaving side quests with the main story
  • 92 Page Campaign Book
  • NEW Warlock Subclass – Pact of Decay – A Devil of Decay will lend you their powers so that your touch alone brings rotting and death. Wither your enemies from within and the land around you, then watch them quake in fear.
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Belfrie
  • 8x Original Battlemaps for you and your party to play in across Velandria and the Reveries of the Nocturnal Abyss
  • 14x Original Statblocks for a level 10-12 campaign
  • 15x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounters

Only available within bundle purchase


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