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Escape From Khandara lvl 8-10

Escape from Khandara D&D Campaign Set, sees the party awake in the icy dungeons of an Oldavori citadel, with no memory dictating their arrival there, and scattered memories of their lives before. The strangeness continues as the party meets a diaspora of Colossals whose sanity dwindles and soon learn that their minds will begin to fade as well if they do not hastily exit the icy tomb. Yet Khandara seems to hold a trance over them, it will not let them leave, and its guardians will make sure of it.

World Lore: In the twilight years of the Oldavori Empire, its keenest minds tore apart the fabric of Colossal, Elven and Human biology to ascend past their mortal coils, imbuing gargantuan bodies with keen minds and long life. These were the precursors of the Shapeshifter and Psyflayer experiments, yet these beings proved indomitable, unbending to the will of their masters. Their rebellion saw them locked in the darkest dungeons of the citadel of Khandara, where they were forgotten for a thousand years. Now these Giants stir, and obscure, dissonant whispers lead people to their sanctuary from across Tharador.


Included in this campaign bundle is everything you need to run this adventure for levels 8-10 over roughly 6+ sessions



  • Akranak – Colossal Cleric of War
  • Calanar – Half Elf Psionic Agent
  • Driga – Colossal Blood Shaman
  • Oovur – Colossal Wastewalker Barbarian
  • Raktavin – Colossal Blood Mage
  • Strika – Ranger of the Frozen Wastes
  • Telnam Gnik – The Big Game Hunter
  • Sabka – Giant Sabertooth Tiger
  • The Ugadrin – Snow Giants (3)
  • Tulva Drolls – Snow Trolls of the Deep (3)
  • Vurimandi – The Entombed Giant King [Huge Size]

Many of these npc’s can double as player characters in other campaigns



  • Choose up to 6 additional player character miniatures from our range at the discounted bundle rate
  • Explore our character collection here

we recommend 32mm scale to be in line with the rest of the miniatures in this bundle



1x Bust of Driga the Blood Shaman [120mm Height]



  • 82 Page Campaign Book
  • One Shot Level 8-10 Campaign Module (3-6+ sessions)
  • Fully fleshed out dungeon
  • Full size A2 printable map of Oldavor
  • 12 x Original Stat blocks for a level 8-10 campaign
  • 6 x Original Battle maps for you and your party to use as they explore the icy citadel of Khandara
  • 10 x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign
  • NEW Druid Subclass – Circle of Blood – Empower your spells with the essence of life itself, wield the primal force of your own vitality to aid your allies or tear your enemies asunder. Make every drop count.

Only available within bundle purchase


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