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Human Warrior King


Human Warrior King – Trendium is the King of Belfrie and a just, but stern king. Trendium ascended to the throne two years before the start of the Liturium War when his father King Silus passed from natural causes. Now he has earned a name as a skilled warrior and tactician for almost his entire reign has been fraught with war, moreso than any of his ancestors since the days of Jochen Belfrie.

As a boy the weight of responsibility and expectations always weighed heavily upon the shoulders of Prince Trenon. It was always so for the House of Belfrie, rulers of the Kingdom dubbed after their own name three-hundred years prior. Trenon’s was groomed for command from an early age – after the Battle of Elen Estel some thirty years before he was born, Belfrie’s militarization resumed after a long period of peace. Though they were a small nation, they were filled with strong warriors, and the line from which Trenon hailed were said to be among the strongest and wisest of Men.

[120mm Height Bust]

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