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Goliath Blood Shaman


Step into the mystical world of Driga, the Goliath Blood Shaman Priestess, whose captivating presence and powerful aura are now immortalized in this stunning 3D-printed art piece. Driga stands tall, adorned in a breathtaking ensemble of bone and feather-decked dress and pauldrons that accentuate her fierce yet graceful stature.

The intricate details of Driga’s attire, from the meticulously crafted bone accessories to the delicate feathers that sway with every imagined breeze, make this 3D print a true masterpiece and captures the essence of her tribal heritage, with ornate tribal markings adorning her skin, telling the story of her spiritual journey and connection to the divine.

Ideal for collectors who appreciate the fusion of fantasy and reality, this 3D-printed sculpture of Driga embodies the craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets your collection apart. Bring the spirit of Goliath mysticism into your space with this awe-inspiring representation of the enigmatic Blood Shaman Priestess.

NOTE: NSFW and clothed versions available – Bust stands at roughly 150mm tall.

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