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Xenarid Necrothorn


Introducing the Xenarid Necrothorn, a versatile and formidable addition to any tabletop wargaming army. May be suitable as Warhammer proxies, proxy war miniatures, display pieces, alien monsters or a Tyranid proxy. With its dual loadout options, the Xenarid Necrothorn offers players the flexibility to tailor its capabilities to suit their strategic needs.

In its long-range configuration, the Xenarid Necrothorn wields a devastating bioweapon, capable of unleashing destruction from a distance. Its powerful projectiles rain down upon the battlefield, decimating enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency.

Alternatively, in its close combat configuration, the Xenarid Necrothorn features menacing melee appendages designed for brutal domination in close-quarters combat.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Xenarid Necrothorn 3d Printed miniature captures the essence of this deadly creature in stunning detail.

This is one part of our collection of tabletop wargaming miniatures designed by renowned 3D Artist StationForge.

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