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Xenarid Dragon


The Xenarid Dragon’s immense wingspan casts a shadow that darkens the battlefield below. Its body, covered in chitinous armor, pulsates with the energy of the Xenarid Swarm. From its maw, a fearsome array of bio-organic weaponry protrudes, ready to unleash devastation upon any who challenge its dominion.

Attached to the underbelly of the Xenarid Dragon are the smaller winged nightmares, a nightmarish swarm that complements the terror of the colossal beast. These minions are harbingers of a relentless assault from above, swarming down upon unsuspecting foes with ferocious intent. Each of them is a grotesque embodiment of the Xenarid Swarm’s insatiable hunger for destruction.

As the Xenarid Dragon takes to the skies, the smaller nightmares detach from its underbelly, creating a dark cloud that descends upon the battlefield. The cacophony of screeches and roars is the prelude to an aerial onslaught as the swarm of nightmares engulfs its targets. The Xenarid Dragon, meanwhile, hovers with ominous grace, surveying the chaos below.

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