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Xenarid Queen


Behold the Xenarid Queen, a colossal and nightmarish creature, her towering form dominating the battlefield with an aura of alien terror. This monstrous matriarch is a living behemoth, reminiscent of the bio titans known in other realms, yet uniquely Xenarid in its horrifying adaptation. What sets her apart is the detachable egg sac, a macabre extension of her reproductive prowess that brings forth legions of relentless spawn to overwhelm all in their path.

The Xenarid Queen’s form is an amalgamation of chitinous plates, towering limbs, and biomechanical horrors that defy the natural order. Her towering presence is both awe-inspiring and terrifying, evoking the essence of a living nightmare given form. Her every movement is a symphony of otherworldly grace, belying the cataclysmic power she wields.

Upon her underbelly, the detachable egg sac pulses with an unsettling vitality. This grotesque extension is a swollen vessel of reproductive horror, capable of releasing swarms of Xenarid spawn into the fray. The egg sac is a testament to the Xenarid Queen’s role as a living incubator, birthing the next generation of relentless horrors to continue the swarm’s insidious expansion.

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