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Xenarid Nyxar


Prepare for thrilling tabletop wargaming adventures with the Xenarid Nyxar, expertly crafted as high-quality 3D printed miniatures for discerning hobbyists. May be suitable as an alien monster, display piece, Tyranid proxy, Warhammer proxies or proxy war miniatures. These miniatures embody the essence of warfare on the tabletop battlefield, delivering unmatched detail and precision to every game.

With their intricate designs and superior quality, the Xenarid Nyxar miniatures stand ready to dominate the tabletop wargaming arena. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the hobby, these miniatures promise to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Add the Xenarid Nyxar to your collection of tabletop wargaming miniatures today and embark on epic battles filled with excitement and strategy.

This is one part of our collection of tabletop wargaming miniatures designed by renowned 3D Artist StationForge.
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