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Orkaz Walkanator


Brace yourself for the onslaught of destruction with our Orkaz Walkanator, a towering behemoth of Ork engineering armed to the teeth with a power claw, heavy flamer, and shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. Crafted with unmatched brutality and ingenuity by the esteemed Station Forge, this mechanical monstrosity epitomizes the relentless fury and unyielding strength of Ork warfare, ready to crush all who stand in its path beneath its massive bulk.

Towering over the battlefield, this heavily armored walker war machine strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors, its mechanical roar echoing across the wastes as it marches inexorably towards its foes.

Armed with a devastating array of weaponry, the Orkaz Walkanator leaves nothing but devastation in its wake. With a power claw capable of tearing through armor like paper, a heavy flamer that bathes its enemies in searing flames, and shoulder-mounted rocket launchers that rain death from above, this war machine is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Orkaz Walkanator miniature captures the sheer brutality and menace of its design, from the hulking form of its armored chassis to the menacing array of weapons bristling from its mechanical frame. With advanced 3D printing technology, we ensure that every miniature is crafted with stunning clarity and precision, ready to inspire fear and awe on the tabletop.

.Designed by Station Forge

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