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Gobs Pirate Bots


Avast, landlubbers! Behold the Gobs Pirate Bots, a fearsome squadron of four goblin war machines that sail the mechanized seas of battle with unrivaled roguish charm. These metallic marauders are a zany blend of goblin ingenuity and unbridled mayhem, their design inspired by the infamous killer kans from other realms but uniquely adorned with goblin flair.

Each Gobs Pirate Bot is a diminutive powerhouse, a chaotic concoction of scrap metal, ramshackle weaponry, and a crew of goblins whose enthusiasm for mischief rivals their lust for plunder. These mechanical miscreants stomp across the battlefield with a raucous clanking that heralds the imminent chaos they bring in their wake.

Their metal frames are adorned with makeshift sails, creating a whimsical nautical theme that captures the essence of goblin piratical antics. The goblin crews cling to their war machines like barnacles to a ship, their crude attempts at rigging and navigation adding to the slapdash charm of the Gobs Pirate Bots.

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