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Orkaz Exo Boss


Gear up for unbridled mayhem with our Orkaz Exo Boss, a formidable Ork tech mechanic armed to the teeth with an arsenal of energy weapons and grav cannons. Crafted with unrivaled ingenuity by the esteemed Station Forge, this mechanical marvel embodies the cunning and resourcefulness of Ork engineering, ready to unleash devastation upon the battlefield with reckless abandon.

Recommended by wargamers as a suitable Ork Mekboy proxy for casual play, the Orkaz Exo Boss serves as the perfect stand-in, providing players with the opportunity to field a powerful Mekboy and dynamic character on the tabletop without breaking the bank.

Inspired by the anarchic spirit of Ork innovation, our Orkaz Exo Boss exudes an aura of raw power and boundless potential. With multiple loadout options including energy weapons and grav cannons, this versatile miniature offers endless possibilities for customization and strategic gameplay.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our Orkaz Exo Boss miniature captures the essence of Ork technology, from the crude but effective design of its exo-suit to the menacing array of weapons bristling from its mechanical limbs. With advanced 3D printing technology, we ensure that every miniature is crafted with stunning clarity and precision, ready to take its place on the battlefield and wreak havoc upon its enemies.

Designed by Station Forge

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