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Orkaz Run Rolla


The Orkaz Run Rolla is a mobile fortress on treads, a testament to the greenskin love for both destruction and over-the-top vehicular prowess. Its hulking frame is a patchwork of salvaged armor, adorned with glyphs of aggression and defiance. The fortress on its back is a cacophony of bristling guns, a cacophonous display of firepower that intimidates even the hardiest of foes.

Crewed by a rowdy gang of orcs, each with a penchant for reckless adventure, the Orkaz Run Rolla is a rolling mayhem machine. Orc gunners man makeshift turrets, firing wildly and bellowing with delight as they unleash a torrent of dakka upon anything unfortunate enough to cross their path.

At the forefront of this mechanical monstrosity is the spiked steam roller, a brutal instrument of destruction. Mounted in front of the jaws, it serves as both a battering ram and a gruesome means of flattening foes. As the Orkaz Run Rolla advances, enemies are either crushed beneath the spiked roller or torn apart by the firepower raining down from its fortress of scrap.

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