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Orkaz Dragon Bomba


The Orkaz Dragon Bomba is a monstrous creation that defies the laws of aerodynamics with its slapdash construction. Part mechanical marvel and part feral creature, it roars through the heavens with a brutish elegance that only the orcs could conceive. The beating of its mechanical wings echoes with the fervor of impending destruction.

Mounted on this airborne behemoth is an arsenal of crude bombs and rockets, cobbled together from salvaged parts and explosive enthusiasm. The Orkaz Dragon Bomba is a mobile bombardment platform, leaving a trail of chaos in its wake as it rains explosive devastation upon its hapless targets.

Crewed by a rowdy gang of orcs, each with a gleam of manic glee in their eyes, the Orkaz Dragon Bomba is a roving spectacle of greenskin audacity. Orc gunners, clinging to the sides and manning makeshift turrets, bellow with excitement as they unleash a torrent of explosive ordnance upon anything foolish enough to be beneath them.

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