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Dark Aeterni Mutants


Each Dark Aeterni Mutant is a living canvas of pain and experimentation. Their bodies, grotesquely twisted and augmented, reflect the twisted ambitions of those who dared to play with the forbidden. Unnatural appendages and distorted features paint a macabre portrait of the suffering endured in the pursuit of dark knowledge.

Affixed to their backs are chemical vats, reservoirs of unspeakable substances that pulse with an otherworldly glow. Tubes and pipes snake from these vats into the mutants’ bodies, infusing them with eldritch concoctions that defy the laws of nature. The eerie radiance casts an unsettling glow upon the mutants, creating an aura of malevolent energy.

The Dark Aeterni Mutants move with a disturbing grace, their mutated forms contorting with an unnatural fluidity. As they advance, the chemical vats emit a low hum, a disconcerting melody that signals the presence of these aberrations on the battlefield. The mutants’ every step leaves a trail of darkness, and their very existence is a violation of the natural order.

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