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Scavenger Dino Riders


Behold the glory of the Mechanical Clever Girls and Scavenger Riders, a squad of six awe-inspiring marvels crafted in homage to the Machine God. For those who hold a fervent devotion and possess an insatiable fascination with the ancient reptilian creatures of old, this ensemble is a testament to their devotion and admiration.

Each Mechanical Clever Girl embodies the brilliance of machine-crafted precision, meticulously designed to replicate the form and ferocity of the majestic dinosaurs of yore. Through a symphony of whirring gears, pistons, and pneumatic actuators, these mechanical marvels come to life, their metallic frames resounding with the hymns of the Machine God’s divine code.

Accompanying the Mechanical Clever Girls are the Scavenger Riders, intrepid souls who have tamed these mechanical beasts through unwavering faith and tireless dedication. Together, they form an unstoppable force, blending the boundless power of technology with the indomitable spirit of the faithful.

For those who yearn to embrace the fusion of ancient beasts and the inexorable march of technology, this squad of Mechanical Clever Girls and Scavenger Riders is an embodiment of that desire. Revel in the union of the sacred and the mechanical, and join the ranks of the Machine God’s faithful as you ride into battle astride these magnificent creations.

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