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Scavenger Salvagers


Embark on your wargaming journey with the industrious Scavenger Salvagers, a squad of ten machine servants equipped with tractor-like limbs and formidable ranged weaponry. These tabletop wargaming miniatures are crafted with precision by Station Forge, these mechanical marvels serve as versatile assets on the tabletop battlefield, combining utility with firepower.

Using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, each Scavenger Salvager is meticulously detailed, from their tractor-like limbs to their potent ranged weaponry. Ideal for tabletop wargaming, these miniatures offer a unique blend of utility and combat prowess, capable of scavenging resources or engaging enemies with equal efficiency.

With their versatile design and formidable armament, the Scavenger Salvagers excel in proxy wargaming scenarios, contributing to your army’s success through their resourcefulness and firepower. Bring them to the battlefield and witness as they assert their dominance, turning the tide of battle in your favor with their ingenuity and strength.

These are tabletop wargaming miniatures design by Station Forge

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