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Scavenger Halflings


Enter the battlefield with the cunning and resourcefulness of the Scavenger Halflings, a squad of ten machine fanatics resembling smaller halfling-like creatures armed with powerful sniper rifles. Born from the remnants of a once-peaceful race, these diminutive warriors have embraced technology and innovation to become formidable marksmen on the battlefield.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, the Scavenger Halflings are clad in makeshift armor and armed with rifles modified for long-range precision.

Ideal for proxy wargaming, the Scavenger Halflings bring a unique blend of stealth and firepower to your army. Whether picking off high-value targets or disrupting enemy formations with well-placed shots, these miniature promises to be a versatile asset on the battlefield.

With every pull of the trigger and every carefully aimed shot, the Scavenger Halflings prove that size is no obstacle to greatness, earning their place as feared warriors in the annals of warfare

These are tabletop wargaming miniatures design by Station Forge

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