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Greater Rage Demon


Behold the Greater Rage Demon - a towering and malevolent greater demon of rage, wielding two colossal axes that thirst for blood. This demonic entity embodies the purest form of wrath, a force of destruction that leaves nothing but chaos in its wake.

Standing at an imposing height, the Greater Rage Demon is a sight to behold with its immense size and terrifying presence. Its massive axes are wreathed in dark flames, hinting at the infernal power that courses through its demonic form. Its eyes burn with an unholy fury, and its every movement exudes an aura of malevolence that strikes fear into the hearts of all who dare to face it.

The demons dual axes are a sight to behold, each one crackling with dark energy and etched with ancient runes that amplify its destructive power. With unmatched skill and ferocity, this greater demon wields its axes with devastating proficiency, cleaving through its enemies with a relentless fury that knows no bounds.

As the embodiment of wrath, the Greater Rage Demon is an unstoppable force of destruction. Its sheer rage and fury can turn the tide of any battle, leaving nothing but devastation and carnage in its wake. Legends tell of cities reduced to rubble and armies scattered in fear by the mere presence of this demonic being on the battlefield.

This is a must-have for collectors and gamers who seek to command the forces of darkness. This highly detailed and expertly crafted miniature will be a show-stopping centerpiece for your tabletop battles or RPG campaigns. Witness the wrath of this demonic juggernaut as it carves its way through your opponents, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Dare to summon the Greater Rage Demon to your tabletop and watch as it unleashes its boundless fury upon your enemies. Embrace the darkness and revel in the chaos with this awe-inspiring greater demon of rage, armed with its dual axes of destruction. Are you ready to wield the power of wrath?

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