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Corrupted Guard Sporeus


Immerse yourself in the festering embrace of decay with our Corrupted Guard Sporeus, a grotesque spawn of disease twisted and bloated with the foul energies of disease. This abominable great unclean creature, embodies the putrid essence of the Plague God, its bloated form oozing with vile corruption and decay. With a decay scythe in one hand dripping with entrails, the Corrupted Guard Sporeus strikes fear into the hearts of all who behold its twisted visage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by our skilled artisans, this custom miniature captures the grotesque beauty of disease and decay, from the twisted contours of its bloated form to the intricate details of its decayed scythe. Recommended by players as a great unclean one proxy, each aspect of the Corrupted Guard Sporeus serves as a testament to the unending cycle of life and death that defines the followers of the Plague God.

Lead your Corrupted Guard Sporeus into battle and unleash its foul contagions upon your enemies, spreading disease and decay with every swing of its decay scythe.

This is a large model on a 138mm Base – Designed by Station Forge

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