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Corrupted Beasts Leader


Delve into the twisted depths of chaos with our Corrupted Beasts Leader, a fearsome mutant beastmen corrupted by the chaotic energies of the warp. Towering at roughly 170mm tall and mounted on a 120mm oval base, this monstrous miniature embodies the savage brutality and unrelenting fury of the forces of chaos.

With the head of a bull and four muscular arms each wielding a wickedly sharp scythe blade, the Corrupted Beasts Leader strikes fear into the hearts of all who behold its grotesque visage. Clad in tattered remnants of armor and adorned with tribal fetishes and totems, this monstrous creature exudes an aura of primal power and malevolent intent.

In one hand, it wields a shaman bone staff, channeling dark sorceries to bend the very fabric of reality to its will. With each swing of its scythe blades, it unleashes devastation upon its enemies, carving a path of destruction through the ranks of the unwary.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Corrupted Beasts Leader miniature captures the twisted beauty of chaos with stunning clarity. From the gnarled horns of its bull head to the razor-sharp edges of its scythe blades, every aspect of this monstrous creature is brought to life with breathtaking realism.

Designed by Station Forge

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