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Nightmare Marines Shoulders


Introducing the Nightmare Marines Shoulders, a set of 10 intricately designed alternative night lords shoulder pads adorned with icons of fear, including human flesh, skulls, and bones. Created by the renowned 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures, these night lords alternative bits are perfect for enhancing your night lords alternative models, adding a unique and terrifying element to your army.

Each shoulder pad in this set captures the dark and menacing aesthetic of the night lords, featuring detailed and gruesome motifs that are sure to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. The Nightmare Marines Shoulders are ideal for customizing your night lords minis, making them stand out on the battlefield with their unique and fearsome designs.

Crafted with exceptional quality and precision using advanced 3D printing technology, these night lords shoulder pads offer durability and detailed craftsmanship. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to personalize your army or a wargaming enthusiast seeking to create distinctive night lords alternative models, the Nightmare Marines Shoulders are the perfect addition to your collection.

Unleash the terror of the night lords with these custom shoulder pads and elevate your tabletop wargaming experience. The Nightmare Marines Shoulders are a must-have for any fan of night lords alternative bits.

Designed by Eight Leg Miniatures

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