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Nightmare Marines Arms & Weapons


Unleash terror on the battlefield with Nightmare Marines Arms & Weapons, a set of 7 intricately crafted sets of arms and hands, each adorned with the sinister iconography of fear. Created by Eight Leg Miniatures, these night lords alternative bits offer unparalleled customization for your night lords alternative models.

Each set of arms and weapons in this collection features a variety of melee and ranged weapons, adorned with dark and menacing motifs. From twisted blades to corrupted firearms, these weapons strike fear into the hearts of enemies and add a unique and terrifying aesthetic to your army.

Crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail, Nightmare Marines Arms & Weapons are perfect for hobbyists and wargaming enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking to personalize your night lords minis or create a distinctive unit of night lords alternative models, these pieces offer durability and detailed craftsmanship.

Elevate your tabletop wargaming experience with Nightmare Marines Arms & Weapons and unleash the full horror of the night lords on your opponents. With their unique designs and fearsome appearance, these pieces are sure to make a statement on the battlefield.

Designed by Eight Leg Miniatures

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