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Vaskar Infantry Builder Kit


The Vaskar Infantry Builder Kit empowers you to forge your own squad of 12 Vaskar style infantry, featuring:

12 Body Poses: Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of combat with a dozen distinct body poses, capturing the essence of disciplined soldiers ready to stand against any threat.

15 Heads: Choose from a variety of 15 heads, each conveying the stoic determination and unwavering resolve reminiscent of seasoned warriors on the battlefield.

72 Arm Sets: Customize your infantry’s loadouts with an impressive array of 72 arm sets, ranging from standard issue weaponry to specialized tools of war, ensuring your troops are equipped for any mission.

4 Backpacks: Enhance the realism and functionality of your Vaskar infantry with four meticulously designed backpacks, providing both aesthetic diversity and practicality in the field.

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