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RoyalGuard Starfly


Prepare to witness the epitome of nobility and technological prowess with our RoyalGuard Starfly, a squad of ten techno-enhanced nobles of the empire, accompanied by a formidable cybernetic war hound. Crafted with unparalleled precision and ingenuity by the esteemed Station Forge, these elite warriors embody the perfect union of tradition and innovation, poised to defend the realm with unwavering loyalty and unmatched skill.

Inspired by the grandeur of imperial splendor, our RoyalGuard Starfly exudes an aura of regal authority and martial prowess. Each member of this illustrious squad is adorned with intricate techno-enhancements, melding ancient heritage with cutting-edge technology to create a force unlike any other.

Accompanied by their cybernetic war hound, the RoyalGuard Starfly commands respect and fear on the battlefield. With enhanced senses and formidable weaponry, this loyal companion stands ready to protect its noble masters at all costs.

Harnessing the power of advanced 3D printing technology, we ensure that every RoyalGuard Starfly miniature is crafted with impeccable detail and clarity. From the ornate insignias of their noble lineage to the gleaming surfaces of their cybernetic enhancements, every aspect is brought to life with stunning realism.

These are tabletop wargaming miniatures design by renowned 3D artist Station Forge

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