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Grim Guard Command Force


Unleash the might of the Grim Guard Command Force, a formidable retinue of warriors carefully selected for their exceptional skill and unwavering loyalty. Each member of this five-man unit is armed with specialized weaponry, ensuring that they excel in their assigned roles on the battlefield. With their finely crafted miniatures and attention to detail, the Grim Guard Command Force adds an air of authority and strategic brilliance to your tabletop wargaming experience. At the forefront of the Grim Guard Command Force stands the standard bearer, proudly displaying the emblem of your faction. This miniature exudes a sense of leadership and inspires your troops to fight with unparalleled determination. The standard bearer’s finely sculpted details, from the flowing banner to the intricate armor, make them a focal point on the battlefield, a symbol of unity and unwavering resolve.




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