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Widow Sturmbolters


Introducing Widow Storm Bolters, a dynamic duo of battle sisters equipped with storm bolter guns, meticulously designed by the renowned 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures. These fierce battle nuns bring heavy firepower to the battlefield, embodying the relentless determination and unshakeable faith of their order.

Each miniature is crafted with exceptional detail, capturing the intense focus and readiness of these battle sisters. Their storm bolters, capable of unleashing a torrent of rapid-fire projectiles, are held with purpose, ready to decimate any foe that dares to oppose them.

Perfect for those seeking proxies for sisters of battle armed with storm bolters, the Widow Storm Bolters offer exceptional quality and durability thanks to advanced 3D printing technology. These miniatures are ideal for proxy wargaming enthusiasts looking to add a powerful and visually striking unit to their collection.

The Widow Storm Bolters bring unparalleled firepower to your tabletop battles, whether laying down suppressive fire or engaging in close-quarters combat. Add these battle sisters to your army and witness their indomitable spirit and martial prowess in action.

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