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Widows of Regret


Introducing the Widows of Regret, a fearsome squad of five battle sisters repentia proxies designed by the talented 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures. This set includes one matriarch armed with a whip and four chainsword-wielding battle nuns, ready to unleash their righteous fury on the battlefield.

Each miniature is meticulously crafted, capturing the intense penitence and unyielding resolve of the sisters. The matriarch stands as a symbol of discipline and leadership, wielding her whip to command her sisters with authority. The chainsword-wielding battle nuns, with their dynamic poses and detailed armor, embody the relentless spirit of warriors dedicated to their sacred cause.

Perfect for those seeking sister repentia proxies or sisters of battle alternative miniatures, the Widows of Regret offer exceptional detail and durability thanks to advanced 3D printing technology. These miniatures are ideal for proxy wargaming enthusiasts looking to add a unique and powerful unit to their collection.

Whether leading a charge or executing a calculated strike, the Widows of Regret bring versatility and power to your tabletop battles. Add these formidable warriors to your army and witness their unrelenting determination in action.

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