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Widows Heavy Meltas


Introducing the Widows Heavy Meltas, an elite unit of battle sisters meticulously crafted by the renowned 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures. Armed with heavy meltas, these warriors are the epitome of destructive power, capable of vaporizing enemy armor with ease.

Each miniature in this squad exudes strength and determination, their imposing figures and detailed armor reflecting their unwavering dedication to their cause. The heavy melta wielding nuns stand ready for battle, their weapons poised to unleash fiery devastation upon their foes.

Perfect for those seeking an Adepta Sororitas heavy melta proxy or sisters of battle alternate models, the Widows Heavy Meltas offer exceptional detail and durability thanks to advanced 3D printing technology. These miniatures are ideal for proxy wargaming enthusiasts looking to add a devastating punch to their armies.

The Widows Heavy Meltas bring unparalleled anti-armor capability to your tabletop battles. Whether targeting enemy vehicles or fortified positions, this battle sisters squad exemplifies the indomitable spirit and firepower of their order. Add these battle nuns to your collection and watch as they turn the tide of battle with their incendiary weapons.

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