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Widow Meltas


Widow Meltas, a powerful duo of battle sisters equipped with melta guns, meticulously designed by the acclaimed 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures. These formidable battle nuns bring intense heat and destructive power to the battlefield, embodying the unyielding resolve and fervent faith of their order.

Each miniature is crafted with exceptional detail, capturing the fierce determination and readiness of these battle sisters. Their melta guns, designed to melt through the toughest armor, are held with precision and purpose, ready to annihilate any foe that stands in their way.

Perfect for those seeking proxies for sisters of battle armed with melta guns, the Widow Meltas offer outstanding quality and durability thanks to advanced 3D printing technology. These miniatures are ideal for proxy wargaming enthusiasts looking to add a potent and visually striking unit to their collection.

The Widow Meltas bring unrivaled anti-armor capability to your tabletop battles, whether targeting enemy vehicles or fortified positions. Add these battle sisters to your army and experience their unmatched power and unwavering faith on the battlefield.

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