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Bloody Rose Head Bits


Enhance your battle nuns with the Bloody Rose Head Bits, a set of eight unique Battle Sisters head pieces designed for the Bloody Rose War Sisters. These meticulously crafted proxy sisters of battle heads provide a range of expressions and details, bringing your characters to life on the battlefield.

Designed by renowned 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures, each head piece in this set captures the fierce determination and unyielding faith of the Bloody Rose War Sisters. From stern visages to defiant expressions, these heads are ideal for customizing your sororitas proxies, adding a personal touch to your army.

Crafted with precision using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, these head bits are not only highly detailed but also durable, ensuring they stand up to the rigors of tabletop wargaming. Whether you’re looking to create a squad of unique characters or simply add variety to your existing models, the Bloody Rose Head Bits offer endless possibilities.

Ideal for proxy wargaming enthusiasts, these head pieces bring a new level of customization to your tabletop battles. With the Bloody Rose Head Bits, your battle nuns will not only stand out but also embody the fierce spirit of their order.

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