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Introducing Bonesaw Da Mad Medic, the twisted and deranged combat medic of the Warmongers! Known for his insatiable thirst for battle and unorthodox methods, Bonesaw is a force to be reckoned with on the frontlines.

Fueled by combat stimulants, Bonesaw is always ready to dive headlong into the fray, wielding his trusty Bonesaw with deadly precision. But Bonesaw’s methods of healing are far from ordinary – he’s not content with simply fixing wounds. Instead, he’s known for his penchant for removing limbs and attaching shiny new ones claimed from the battlefield, making upgrades as he sees fit.

Bonesaw’s maniacal laughter echoes across the battlefield as he gleefully makes use of his surgical skills, turning battlefield salvage into twisted trophies. He’s always on the lookout for the next upgrade, ready to unleash his mad genius on the battlefield and leave his enemies in awe and terror.


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