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Fantasy Miniatures Australia

Immerse yourself into the realm of fantasy with the highest quality collection of fantasy miniatures in Australia, here at Dungeon Forge.
Crafted using only premium materials and intricately detailed, find your knights, monsters and mythical creatures right here.



With the arrival of the Rotten Host, witness a grotesque spectacle unlike any other. Delve into a world where decay reigns supreme, and the beauty of rot is celebrated with twisted delight.


The first release from our newest artist, Claybeast Creations, heralds the thundering hooves of chaos and bloodshed.

Unique and Remarkable Fantasy Miniatures in Australia

Our collection caters to all fantasy enthusiasts regardless of your gaming preferences. Whether you’re a warlord leading your army into battle or a dungeon master narrating your troupe’s encounter with a terrifying hydra, we’ve got you covered. We offer beautifully crafted 3D printed miniatures for sale online that can bring any campaign to life.

Order online from our extensive catalogue and transform your gaming landscape into a realm of myths and legends. Our designers, being avid gamers and hobbyists themselves, understand what you’re looking for. Therefore, each fantasy miniature is meticulously created with an artisan touch, creating the perfect blank canvas for painting.

Affordable Gaming Miniatures for Sale Online in Australia

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding premium quality gaming miniatures online in Australia without the off-putting price tag. At Dungeon Forge, we’ve adopted a competitive pricing strategy that allows you to get more bang for your buck. While we ensure the highest quality, we can offer our miniatures at prices that fit into varying budgets by reducing overhead costs associated with a physical store.

A well-crafted fantasy miniature can be a valuable addition to your collection, so why let cost be a deterrent? Browse our range and discover affordable options for superior-quality gaming miniatures in Australia.

Each of our gaming miniatures in Australia comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We’re here to enhance your gaming experience and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why Choose Dungeon Forge for Fantasy Miniatures in Australia?

  • Free Shipping: We offer free shipping across Australia on all orders.
  • High Quality: We use 8K resin printing for meticulously crafted miniatures.
  • Variety: From chivalrous knights to fire-breathing dragons, we offer an extensive range of fantasy characters.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer premium quality at great prices.
  • Exceptional Service: Contact us via our social media platforms for quick responses.

Buy High-Quality and Affordable Fantasy Miniatures

Immerse yourself in the world of fantasy with our stunning collection of fantasy miniatures. Whether you’re based in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, we’ve got something for everyone. Buy online now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fantasy Miniatures in Australia

Where can I buy fantasy miniatures in Australia?

You can buy beautifully crafted fantasy miniatures online from Dungeon Forge. We offer a range of intricately detailed warriors, mages, mythical creatures, and much more, which are all available for purchase from our website.

Are the fantasy miniatures available at Dungeon Forge high quality?

Yes, we take pride in crafting our fantasy miniatures from the highest quality materials, using 8K Resolution printers for meticulous detail and precision. Each figure is designed to impress and truly encapsulate the spirit of fantasy.

What type of fantasy miniatures can I expect to find at Dungeon Forge?

We offer an extensive variety of 3D-printed fantasy miniatures encompassing everything from powerful wizards and fierce warriors to mythical dragons and strange creatures of lost realms.

Can I order gaming miniatures online from Dungeon Forge?

Yes, Dungeon Forge offers customers an easy and convenient online shopping experience. Regardless of location, you can browse our extensive catalogue and buy gaming miniatures online. We offer free shipping across Australia on all orders.

Is it affordable to buy fantasy miniatures in Australia from Dungeon Forge?

Yes, we aim to provide superior-quality fantasy miniatures at affordable prices. We’ve adopted a competitive pricing strategy that allows you to get premium quality miniatures without the off-putting price tag, thus making gaming miniatures in Australia accessible to a wider range of budgets.

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