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Dungeon Forge is run by two friends that grew up playing games like Warhammer and D&D and like many others, we were frustrated with the ever increasing price tags on our favourite hobbies and the lack of high quality printing stores available within Australia.

We’d been 3d printing for personal use for several years, when in 2021 we decided to turn our passion for all things tabletop into a business.

We took a leap and purchased a significant amount of equipment and resources to produce the highest quality miniatures possible, which has resulted in the kind of reactions you’ll see throughout our reviews.



We originally started out selling on Etsy, where word of our print quality quickly spread through the community. Before long we decided to take things to the next level and launch on our own dedicated website to really deliver the best experience we could to our awesome community.


The biggest part of our success is down to the incredible quality that we’ve been able to produce with our high end equipment – we knew that as miniature buyers it was always dissapointing to get a miniature from a 3d printing store that looked nothing like the render – and we believe we have achieved that benchmark with our high resolution printers, ultra quality resin and extensive post curing process.

We also don’t send any piece out unless we are completely happy that we have produced a genuine masterpieces and we have a reputaiton for immediately replacing or refunding any orders that don’t turn up at your door in perfect condition. 


We offer free shipping to all orders within Australia, yes this means we are literally losing money on small orders but high shipping cost was always our main  frustration as a hobbyist when starting this project and offering a free shipping model within Australia was one of our biggest goals, we got you guys. For our international fans don’t worry, we still offer paid shipping world wide!


We value every customer as a fellow hobbyist and genuinely pride ourselves on the customer experience we offer. Feel free to reach out to us directly via our social media pages for instant responses, we love to hear from you guys!

Good gaming!



DM Neon -  - designed by  - 3d printed tabletop miniature

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