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3D Printed Miniatures Australia

Dungeon Forge is your ultimate store for premium tabletop wargaming miniatures. Whether you’re seeking fresh alternatives for proxy wargaming, a new DnD avatar, or simply searching for the finest resin miniatures shop in Australia – Dungeon Forge is your trusted partner in unlocking new realms of tabletop wargaming excellence.

Sci-Fi 3d printed miniatures - may be suitable as alternative 3d printed Warhammer 40k Proxies
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Fantasy themed collection of alternative Warhammer fantasy miniatures

Tabletop Wargaming Miniatures Australia

Discover an unparalleled selection of professionally crafted proxies and wargamer miniatures right here in Australia. At Dungeon Forge, we understand the struggle Australian gamers face in finding high-quality wargaming miniatures without the burden of exorbitant shipping costs. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide our products at accessible prices, tailored specifically for the diverse needs of proxy wargaming enthusiasts.

Craftsmanship Born from Passion

Our journey began as enthusiasts crafting 3D printed gaming miniatures, alternative Warhammer miniatures, and D&D minis for game nights, delving into realms of dark sci-fi, fantasy, and wargaming adventures. After years of perfecting our craft for personal enjoyment, we decided to share our passion with fellow gamers by launching Dungeon Forge in 2022. Committed to delivering unparalleled quality without breaking the bank, we bring your gaming visions to life with stunning detail and precision.

Cutting Edge 3d Printed Minis Printed at 12k Resolution

We know firsthand the disappointment in getting resin miniatures that look nothing like the 3D renders in the photos. Eventually, we grew tired of this experience shopping on platforms such as Etsy and eBay. We decided that no one should settle for subpar proxy prints. Utilizing state-of-the-art 12k resolution resin printers – we meticulously craft each figurine to deliver flawlessly smooth surfaces, intricate details, and lifelike contours. Your masterpiece awaits, ready to be adorned with vibrant hues and brought to life on the tabletop battlefield.

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Proxy Wargaming Miniatures

Dive into a realm of limitless possibilities with our extensive range of proxy wargaming miniatures tailored for every gaming setting imaginable. Whether you’re venturing through the sprawling landscapes of fantasy realms or traversing the unforgiving expanses of sci-fi galaxies, Dungeon Forge has you covered. Our third-party proxy miniatures and conversion parts are often used by fans for Warhammer 40,000™, Necromunda™, Warhammer Fantasy Armies™, Dungeons and Dragons™, and beyond. Collaborating with local and international artists renowned for their exceptional designs, we ensure every wargaming miniature embodies the essence of your gaming fantasies.

Games mentioned here are the property of their respective owners and are given as examples of possible use based on customer feedback. Dungeon Forge miniatures are not endorsed by or associated with any official IP or wargame publishers.

Why Dungeon Forge Reigns Supreme for 3D Printed Miniatures in Australia

  • Free Shipping Australia-Wide: Enjoy hassle-free shipping on all orders over $50 across Australia.
  • By Gamers, For Gamers: As avid gamers ourselves, we understand your needs and strive to exceed your expectations.
  • Unrivaled Printing Precision: With our cutting-edge 12k resolution resin printers, expect nothing less than perfection in all our 3D printed minis.
  • Versatility: Our 28mm miniatures are designed to be compatible with a variety of rules for tabletop wargaming.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing on all our miniatures, making it easier than ever to enhance your 3d printed miniatures collection without breaking the bank.
  • Diverse Selection: Our extensive collection grows significantly each month with new designs, curated from the finest 3D artists, including Dark Gods, StationForge, Lost Kingdom Miniatures, Avatars of War, DM Stash, and more.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Dungeon Forge Miniatures Shop

Embark on your next gaming odyssey with Dungeon Forge by your side. Whether you’re seeking custom orders or simply want to delve into the world of tabletop miniatures, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Connect with us through our website’s contact page or reach out via Instagram @dungeonforgeau to join the conversation, share your painting triumphs, and stay updated on our latest creations and 3d printed minis. Your adventure begins now!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our 3D Printed Minis For Sale

Do you ship 3D-printed figurines in Australia for free?

Yes! All orders over $50 get free shipping within Australia! We were always frustrated by the high cost of shipping minis within Australia, and fixing this problem for our community was one of the main motivators behind starting Dungeon Forge.

How do you ensure the high quality of your tabletop miniatures for sale?

Firstly, we use state of the art Phrozen 12k and 8k resin printers, the highest resolution and largest build platforms on the market.

We also have an extensive post-processing routine which sets us apart from competitors.

This includes an initial ultrasonic wash to cleanly remove uncured resin after a print, followed by a speciliased resin removing soap bath to deepen that initial clean in all the nooks and crannies of the miniature. We finish with and a final curing process in UV curing chamber using multiple wave lengths to set and harden the resin layers whilst avoiding any potential cracks.

This ultimately produces the smooth and detailed finishes you see in your print galleries which make us popular with our community.

Why is 12K resin printing important for quality miniatures?

12K resin printing, such as the system we use, offers one of the highest levels of detail in the market, rivalling major miniature companies.

Many sellers on platforms like Etsy do not provide adequate information about the equipment used in the process. It's not uncommon for subpar equipment to be used which affects the overall quality of the miniatures.

We believe in the transparency of our process so that you, as purchasers and enthusiasts of 3D printed miniatures, can make informed decisions the level of quality in the creations you're investing in.

To read more about our proces and why our miniature details are so high, head over to our article about high resolution printing

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Since we craft each product with care, our models take 1-2 weeks to ship, ensuring you receive the highest quality. You will then receive a tracking code in your email for the final leg.

Who are the artists behind Dungeon Forge's 3d printed mini designs?

Among our distinguished partners are Dark Gods, StationForge, Avatars of War, Lost Kingdom Miniatures, Eight Leg Miniatures, DM Stash and Claybeast Creations.

From crafting intricate proxy wargaming pieces to providing alternatives for 3d Printed Warhammer to Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy miniatures, our artists are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity in the tabletop gaming community.

Are there any upcoming releases?

Yes, Dungeon Forge regularly introduces fresh designs from our acclaimed 3D artists like StationForge, Lost Kingdom Miniatures, DM Stash and more. Each month, new miniatures hit our store, covering fantasy, wargaming, DnD and Warhammer proxies.

Follow us for updates on these monthly releases and collaborative efforts, ensuring you're among the first to access premium-quality miniatures with intricate detailing. Stay engaged with Dungeon Forge to discover the latest in tabletop wargaming gaming excellence.

What scale are your miniatures?

Our complete range is in 28mm miniatures scale, in line with titles such as Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons.

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